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If you are applying on behalf of a school, you may have some questions about how to apply for a grant. Use this section to find out more information. If you have any other questions, please contact the Charity on 020 7259 1700 or

Types of Grants

1. Are schools able to apply under any of the Charity’s Funds?
Schools can apply under all of the Charity’s Funds. There are specific funds open to Schools which include the School Explorer Fund and Schools in Partnership Fund.

2. Are schools able to apply for funding towards a project delivered by an external Charity or specialist institution?
Yes, please see our hints & tips for working with Arts organisations here.

3. Our school needs a new sports hall, can you fund this?
Unfortunately, we cannot consider grants for buildings for secondary schools. Capital grants for primary schools can be considered under the Charity’s Small Grants Fund only if there is a specific community or family element to the project.


1. Our school has not had an OFSTED inspection, are we still able to apply?
Unfortunately, we can only accept applications from schools that have been inspected by OFSTED. If your school has recently been inspected but has not received an outcome or report yet, please indicate this on your proposal.

2. We are a faith-based school, are we eligible to apply for a grant?
If your school is faith-based, you can still apply for funding as long as you have an open admissions policy. The Charity cannot fund faith schools with a closed admissions policy. You should provide details on the admissions policy with your proposal letter.


1. Who needs to submit the initial proposal on behalf of the school?
Ideally the initial proposal will be submitted by the headteacher or project lead. It is important that you provide the name, phone number and email for a contact person at the school who can help us if we need to ask further questions on your application. If your proposal is successful, you will be required to submit a Declaration Form with your Stage Two Application. Please ensure this form is signed by the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors.

2. We are the ‘lead’ school applying under the Schools in Partnership Fund. Do you require anything additional from the other schools involved in the project?
Yes, we ask that you submit a letter of support signed by the headteacher of each school involved in the project.


How long does it take to receive money after the Trustee has met?
If you have returned your Contract, Branding Contract and completed all the conditions we will release the grant payment. The Contract needs to be signed by both the Headteacher and Chair of Governors and have all bank details correctly completed. These bank details need to match the bank statement you have previously provided to the Charity. Your Grants Manager will email you to inform you of the exact date of payment.


1. Will someone from the Charity visit the school to assess the project?
Yes, we aim to visit all projects before sending out an Application Form. Sometimes a visit may be carried out by one of the Charity’s specialist advisors, but you will be informed if this is the case. For long term grants of up to three years we also carry out monitoring visits. If you have a project that runs on specific dates, please provide your Grants Manager with a range of dates so that they can ensure they are able to attend a session.

2. If we receive a grant will we need to complete lots of paperwork for monitoring?
Because we need to learn from the experience of those who received grants we expect reports on the progress of each project. Without this feedback, examples of good practice and valuable initiatives can be lost. The information we get back from supported projects will also help shape future policy.

For one off grants you will need to provide a report after one year. This does not have to be long but should give us some indication of how the Charity’s money was spent. For ongoing grants of up to three years, you will need to submit a report after each year of funding. The report should act as your formal request for your next tranche of grant.

For more details about our reporting requirements please see the downloadable guidelines.