Second Stage Application

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If your Initial Proposal (Stage One) is assessed positively, you will be advised whether you will need to complete an Application Form.

Forms will be sent to you by a member of the Grants Team who will also advise you when your application form must be returned. Application forms are not available for download from this website.

The Application Form has three parts:

Part One – details about your organisation and the project for which you are seeking funds;
Part Two – financial information about your project;
Part Three – financial information about your organisation.

You will also receive some guidance notes to help you complete the Application Form. Parts one-three will be sent to you by email and you may return them to us by email.

In addition you will be sent in the post a hardcopy Declaration Form. This Form needs to be completed in full and signed by two Trustees, one of whom must be the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer as listed on your annual accounts and with the Charity Commission. For schools, signatures are required from the Chair of Governors and the Headteacher. You will be required to provide your bank details and to submit an original bank statement that matches these account details. Photocopies will not be accepted.