First Steps

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John Lyon’s Charity operates a two stage application process for requests under the Schools in Partnership Fund, Main Grants Fund and for Small Grants of more than £2,000.

Stage One: Initial Proposal Letter

If you would like to apply to the Charity on behalf of your school you need to write to the Grants Office with the following information:

  • Brief information about your school including socio-demographic make-up
  • A summary of the project you are applying for
  • Details of how much this project will cost in total
  • How much you are requesting from the Charity
  • The timescale of your project
  • What you will spend the Charity’s contribution on

This information is required for all Grant Funds.

For more information please see our guidelines for writing a good proposal letter

During the assessment of your proposal, a member of the Grants Team will be in contact with you and may request a site visit. We may also send your proposal to one of our Advisors, or arrange for an Advisor to visit you to discuss your proposal in more detail.

We will accept Stage One proposals at any time.

Application Deadlines – Main Grants / Schools in Partnership

The following deadlines are the latest possible time that a proposal can be submitted. We strongly recommend that proposals are submitted at least six months in advance. Otherwise the Trustee may be unable to consider the application in time due to the limited capacity of each funding round.

The Grants Team will be in touch once we have received your Stage One Proposal. You must be invited by the Grants Team to proceed to Stage TwoPlease note: we are no longer accepting proposals for the March 2019 round.

Grants Round Stage One (Proposal) Deadline Stage Two (Application Form) Deadline
March Early November Early January
June Early February Early April
November Early July Early September

Working in schools – we strongly recommend that schools/organisations working in schools submit proposals in time to be considered for the March Grants Round (i.e. the Stage One Proposal should be submitted by early November). If successful, the release of the grant would be in line with the beginning of the academic year.

School Holiday Activity Fund

If you would like to apply to the School Holiday Activity Fund you should download an application form.  Note: there are three parts to this form.  Forms can be sent to the Charity at any time but must take note of the deadlines for submitting applications.  For more information on the deadlines and on the School Holiday Activity Fund please click here.

School Explorer Fund

Schools wishing to apply to the School Explorer Fund can download the Application Form here. Forms can be sent to the Charity at any time but must be in advance of the activity you wish to receive funding for. For more information on the School Explorer Fund please click here.

Small Grants (under £2,000)

Applications are made by Initial Proposal letter. You will be advised by a member of the Grants Team if more information is required. There is no application form for requests for under £2,000.

The decision of the Grants Committee is final.

For more information on the application procedure please contact the Grants Office on 020 7259 1700.