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Over the years, we have built up a vast network of contacts throughout the boroughs in the Beneficial Area. These contacts range from senior figures in local authorities, directors of small local charities, headteachers in local schools and experts in particular fields like youth work or the Arts.

Whilst the Charity is in a unique position to meet people across all the different sectors, from youth clubs to disability projects to emotional wellbeing initiatives, there are few opportunities for funded organisations delivering different projects to meet each other; projects delivering in the same boroughs do not necessarily know what their neighbours are doing.

We have begun to hold a series of borough-based networking events to which funded projects, local authority contacts, the Charity’s advisors and other relevant parties are invited to meet each other and discuss their work.

The first borough-based networking event, targeted at the Tri-Borough (Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster), was held in September 2014 and was extremely popular. We intend to extend this to all boroughs in the Beneficial Area, either as single boroughs or by obvious geographical groupings.

Similarly, we are also holding networking events around specific themes associated with working with children and young people. The groups and organisations funded by the Charity are some of the leaders in topics such as school-based emotional wellbeing, youth work or providing opportunities for young people with disabilities. In November 2014, the first theme-based networking event was held on Youth Clubs. This was, again, very well attended. Theme-based networking events for all of our Programme Areas are planned and the most popular sessions will be repeated.

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