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The Young Westminster Foundation (YWF) was registered with the Charity Commission in September 2016. The CEO, Philip Barron, started with the Foundation in May 2017, having worked previously for LandSec. Helen Mann joined in September as Development Manager.

The first major piece of work for the YWF has been a Needs Analysis of young people and the state of the sector.  This included training a team of 16 young people as peer researchers who undertook 250 surveys with other young people.  Along with interviews and workshops this fed into an independently commissioned report by Rocket Science.

The Needs Analysis has provided a focus for the YWF’s strategy focusing on four key themes for investment:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Accessing Opportunities
  • Crime and Safety
  • Environment

The YWF launched its membership in November 2017 and is now working closely with members to facilitate consortium development and build capacity in the sector.

Types of Membership

The Young Westminster Foundation has four types of membership:

  • Young Ambassadors do research within the community, helping to influence policy and services by speaking to local young people, youth groups and charities
  • Members are not-for-profit organisations in Westminster that support young people and their families
  • Business Partners are local businesses that want to invest in and support the next generation of children and young people in Westminster
  • Strategic Partners are not eligible to be members or business partners, but would like to improve the opportunities available to young people through funding others, employability support, collaborative working, in-kind donations, networking and more

The Team

Phil Barron – Chief Executive Officer
Helen Mann – Development Manager

Shane Ryan – Chair
Jackie Rosenberg
Hamza Taouzzale
Neil Daly
Clive Johnson
Rachel Akehurst
Councillor Karen Scarborough
Wen Kang
Ravi Magendra

Small Grant Funding

YWF has been successful in securing four founding partners all investing funds to go into the YWF’s small grants programme for 2018. These organisations include: Shaftesbury, Capital Arches Group Ltd, Colas Rail and the Taj Group. Watch this space for further information or visit YWF’s website on the link below.

Contact Details

Phone: 07426 217044
Twitter: @ywestfound
Address: Young Westminster Foundation, Great Western Studios, Unit 122, 65 Alfred Rd, London W2 5EU