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Established in April 2016, Young Harrow Foundation (YHF) is one of the three founding Young People’s Foundations.

The aim of Young Harrow Foundation is to create a thriving, effective and resilient voluntary and community sector of local organisations that are ‘fit for purpose’ and can help to ensure children and young people in Harrow are, happier, healthier and safer. It works closely with members, associate members, statutory bodies funders, local businesses, schools and communities to tackle the challenges facing children and young people and establish more effective ways of delivering activities that meet their needs.

Types of Membership

YHF has two strands for membership: members and associate members. Members take priority as they are not for profit organisations delivering regular services to children and young people in Harrow with a turnover of less than £1 million. It works very closely with its associate members who vary from organisations with a larger turnover to those who support parents or only work on an ad-hoc basis with children and young people. It currently has: 72 members and 56 Associate members and works with a wide range of strategic partners including schools, trusts and foundations, local businesses and other Young People’s Foundations.

The Team

Dan Burke – CEO
Glenys Tolley – Development Manager
Ceri Morris – Partnership Manager
Chris Richardson-Wright – Fundraising Manager
Hannah Court – Team Administrator
Keisha Njoku – Grants Administrator
Vacancy – Bid Writer

Malcolm John – Chair
Steve Williams – Vice Chair
John Wang – Treasurer
Graham Dunbar
Rosa Palli
Vanessa Thomas
Hamid Vaghefian

Rachel Wright – Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative
Paul Hewitt – Harrow Council

Current Projects

YHF’s work is delivered under the following three key focus areas:

  • Development – improving systems, policies and process, impact models, communication, connections and training.
  • Fundraising – support with one to one bid writing, consortium funding, diversifying and raising unrestricted income opportunities.
  • Partnership – developing incentives for working together, creating solutions to key issues, addressing the needs analysis and developing both the scope and use of the YHF website.

This is Harrow: A Needs Analysis

YHF’s biggest piece of work is This is Harrow, a needs analysis. This was a massive undertaking, which YHF undertook with support from the children and young people’s voluntary sector, Harrow Council and local schools. The report takes into account the views of 4,358 young people (around 15% of 10-19 years olds in Harrow, who answered just under 100 questions each) and 51 charities.

Through this needs analysis, YHF has identified five key areas of work:

  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Youth violence
  • Inequalities
  • Employment opportunities and aspirations
  • Being active.

Funding secured for Harrow

Since it was established in April 2016, YHF has successfully brokered, supported or directly secured a total of £2,058,980 for its members and partners.


YHF’s website is an interactive search tool for children and young people, their families and professionals looking for projects and opportunities. Members are offered their own free portal, with the aim of maintaining a user-fiendly, up-to-date list of all current opportunities by April 2019. Further information about YHF’s work can be found here.

This promotional film about Young Harrow Foundation was made as part of John Lyon’s Charity Volunteer Films initiative in partnership with Media Trust.

Contact details

Phone: 020 7112 5323
Twitter: @youngharrowf
Address: Young Harrow Foundation, ‘Christ the Redeemer College(formerly The Rayners), 23 Village Way E, Harrow HA2 7LX