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Here is a list of all Schools in Partnership Fund Grants recently approved by the Trustee. For more in depth descriptions of some of the projects we have funded you can find case-studies under each of our Programme Areas

Schools in Partnership grants approved November 2015

Emotional Wellbeing

Berrymede Junior School –

£58,500 over three years (£25,500 in year one, £21,500 in year two and £11,500 in year three) – towards the B-inspired project in partnership with Berrymede Infant School
Berrymede Junior School is a four form entry school based in the heart of the South Acton Estate.  B-Inspired supports local families by providing a safe and secure environment to foster community relationships.  The programme includes uplift courses for women at risk of domestic abuse, ESOL for education and health, family and parenting support sessions, projects which aim to raise aspirations and employment and legal advice.

Schools in Partnership grants approved June 2015

Emotional Wellbeing

Dairy Meadow Primary School –

£123,000 over 3 years (£49,000 in year 1, £42,000 in year 2, £32,000 in year 3) – towards the expansion of the Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership
This grant contributes towards the expansion of the extremely successful Ealing and Acton Schools Counselling Partnership.  The Partnership provides a holistic approach to therapeutic support that is offered to children, parents and staff.  The number of participating schools has increased from nine to thirteen, and by the end of the grant they will be fully funding the Counselling Partnership themselves.  Each week of the academic year, each school has one full day of 1:1 therapy and a further one full day or a group intervention project, a drop in service, family support, staff support and peer mentoring training.

Priestmead Primary School and Nursery –

£88,700 over three years (£31,100 in year 1, £29,300 in year 2 and £28,300 in year 3) – towards the Schools Counselling Partnership
This grant supports the Schools Counselling Partnership between Priestmead Primary School and Elmgrove Primary in Harrow.  The Partnership is based on the very successful Ealing Counselling Partnership model that the Charity has been supporting across clusters of schools in Ealing for over three years.  This model provides a holistic approach to therapeutic support that is offered to children, parents and staff.  The service is run by a Counselling Services Manager, and 1:1 therapeutic support is provided by trainee therapists.

Brookfield School –

£30,000 pa x 3 – towards the TOPS in-school therapy initiative
Brookfield is a two form entry primary school in Camden with a 39 full time place Nursery.  The Tavistock Outreach in Primary Schools (TOPS) therapy initiative was introduced as a psychotherapeutic outreach service in three primary schools, and this grant allows the model to extend to seven primary schools in Camden.  The TOPS programme provides weekly support by highly qualified and experienced Child Psychotherapists to children where there is high concern about behaviour, emotional development and mental health.

Sunnyfields Primary School –

£59,100 over three years (£21,500 in year 1, £19,500 in year 2 and £18,100 in year 3) – towards the Play Therapy project with Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster)
This grant enables the continuation of the successful Schools in Partnership Play Therapy project in five primary schools in Barnet: Child’s Hill, Colindale, Summerside, Broadfields and Sunnyfields.  Each of the schools in the cluster has a significant number of socially and economically deprived children who struggle with mental health issues which negatively impact their abilities to enjoy and achieve at school.  The play therapy is delivered by therapists from the Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster) who operate one day per week in each school.

Education & Learning

Allenby Primary School –

£17,000 over 2 years (£8,000 in year 1 and £9,000 in year 2) – towards the Philosophy for Children: Going for Gold Programme
The Philosophy for Children programme is delivered by the Society for Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education (SAPERE).  It teaches children to create their own philosophical questions and focuses on philosophical enquiry and dialogue.  Teachers support the children in their thinking, reasoning and questioning, and the process enables them to develop skills and understanding over time.  SAPERE also provides training for teachers and supports them with coaching and skills building.

Schools in Partnership grants approved June 2014

Emotional Wellbeing

Vaughan Primary School –

£104,500 over three years – Counselling project with Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster)
Vaughan Primary School is the lead school in the Harrow West Cluster Schools in Partnership project funded by John Lyon’s Charity. The Cluster consists of six primary schools, one secondary school and one Children’s Centre in Harrow. The schools are working with the Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster) to employ a counsellor across each setting.