Core Principles

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John Lyon’s Charity has a number of characteristics that help define the way that we operate.


The Charity’s independence is one of its greatest assets.  We do not need to be influenced by the policies of central or local governments, which allows us to judge applications on their own merit.


The Charity is able to be flexible in the type and duration of grant funding that we can provide, although normally grants are of three years in length.  We aim to provide organisations with the space to think strategically, to experiment, to make adjustments and to have time for assessment.


We seek to identify the changing needs of individuals and respond to these accordingly.  Grants are intended to be of direct benefit to children and young people currently living in the Beneficial Area and the effects of those grants should be felt immediately.

Partnership working

John Lyon’s Charity is a supportive funder.  We believe in the expertise and knowledge of the organisations we fund to deliver the work that they feel is the most appropriate and relevant to the communities they serve.  We learn from our voluntary sector partners and seek to broker relationships which may prove fruitful.  We also have a great deal of knowledge to offer the voluntary sector and will work in partnership with groups and organisations to seek the best possible solutions to the challenges facing organisations today.  We offer Capacity Building to help organisations that have specific needs.


We have an expectation that projects and organisations that receive funding will deliver the highest quality experiences and services for children and young people.  The experience of participants is paramount and steps should be taken by organisations to improve where necessary.  Funding from the Charity should be seen as a badge of quality to other voluntary sector providers, local authorities and funding organisations.

Helping all children and young people fulfill their potential

We are committed to supporting projects that strive to raise the aspirations of all children and young people, irrespective of ability or circumstance.

Helping the neediest families

At a time when Government resource is especially stretched, the Charity is committed to supporting children and young people in the neediest families.  We favour supporting early intervention initiatives, rather than those that support families when they are in full-blown crisis.  We are mindful, however, of the strain that support services are under and we are vigilant to the severity of cases being dealt with.  We are also mindful of strategies that keep young people safe, such as Prevent.