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The Corporation known as the “Keepers and Governors of the Possessions Revenues and Goods of the Free Grammar School of John Lyon”, which was established in a Royal Charter in 1572, is the Trustee of the Charity. The members of the Corporation act as the Governing Board of Harrow School. To see a list of members, please click here.

The Grants Committee

The Governors have appointed a Grants Committee to oversee the work of the Grants Team and recommend awards for their approval. The Committee is made up of representatives of the governing bodies of both Harrow School and The John Lyon School and other co-opted members.

The current Grants Committee are:

Susan Whiddington – Chair
Isis Dove-Edwin
John Davies
Graham Furniss
Giles Goodfellow

Co-Opted Members

Gilly Baker
Jane Forman Hardy
Julia Kaufmann
Nick Stuart

Members of the Management Committee

Crispin Odey Chairman, Investments Committee
Robert Orr-Ewing Estate Governor
John Strachan
Susan Whiddington Chairman, Grants Committee